Automated Home Cage Phenotyping

Characterization of experimental animals under controlled conditions in the home cage

Elimination of human bias

Standardization of the environment

Broad spectrum of available parameters

High quality and reproducibility of data

High throughput phenotyping by running large number of cages in parallel

Producător: TSE Systems

Model: PhenoMaster

Cod: 8f78fe5795b7

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Indirect Gas Calorimetry (CaloSys) for PULL (standard) or PUSH mode

Microbiome activity Monitoring (MicrobSys) by sensors for H2, CH4, VOCs, 13C

Climate Chamber (temperature, humidity, light controlled environment)

Feeding & Drinking (analysis and access control by time/duration/amount/frequency)

Body weight monitoring (measurement and control of running wheel and food access)

Behavior and Cognition

Activity Modules (IR light beams recognizing locomotor activity)

Exercise Modules (home cage running wheel for voluntary or restricted running analysis)

Learning & Memory (integrated operant wall, various stimuli/response elements)


Implantable Telemetry: Stellar (detailed monitoring of blood pressure, EEG, ECG, EMG, body temperature and activity).

The system is made to be flexibly adjusted to your specific research field and will be customized to your specific research needs, while still allowing you the flexibility to add additional modules if your research focus changes. To choose the most efficient setup, please contact our experts to discuss your specific needs

Automated Stress-Free

Metabolism, Energy Expenditure, Obesity & Diabetes

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