Echipament de masurare in timp real al parametrilor la rozatoare

The MouseOx Plus Small Animal Vital Signs Monitor pro-vides the following measurements:

 Arterial Oxygen Saturation

 Heart Rate

 Breath Rate

 Temperature (optional)

 Pulse Distention

 Breath Distention

Producător: Panlab


Cod: 0f6a0e75bb8b

Preţ, fără TVA: La cerere


Telefon: 0744.594.794 / 0251.417.664


The MouseOx® Pulse Oximeter for Rodents provides real–time, continuous measurements of arterial O2 saturation, pulse strength, breath rate, blood flow, and the effort to breathe.

The new MouseOx®Plus now offers new modules that will expand the system out to measure temperature and optionally expand the system to work with 16 animals! All these measurements are done via a non–invasive sensor that was specially developed to provide accurate measurements for heart rates up to 900 BPM.

The MouseOx®Plus; is ideal for monitoring subjects during surgery — prevent hypoxia, titrate mechanical ventilation, monitor depth of anesthesia, titrate supplemental oxygen, set alarms, and monitor in real-time every breath! Now the MouseOx®Plus allows you to expand out to include optional temperature measurement and the new Multiplexer™ allowing you to collect data on up to 16 animals. A wide range of clips are available to accommodate both awake and anesthetized animals in a variety of applications. The MRI sensor allows safe monitoring while in MRI environment. The CollarClip™ is a non-invasive clip easily applied to monitor freely roaming subjects while the ThroatClip™ allows for monitoring of anesthetized animals. We also offer standard and neonatal sensors that attach to the animal's thigh or foot – increasing the flexibility of this system while maintaining ease of use for the researcher.

The complete system involves the MouseOx®Plus, sensor and software or the Starr-link™ module for your data acquisition system. Additional accessories are available depending on specific application requirements. The MouseOx™ Plus software utilizes WinDaq Waveform Browser. Built-in statistics and filtering capabilities expand the system's flexibility. The waveform and real–time data point for each parameter measured is shown on the software.

Simple non-invasive sensor clips for mice and rats

Monitor data in real time while recording

High accuracy at heart rates up to 900 BPM

Works on neonates through adults

USB plug-and-play, user-friendly interface

Dimensions 16x12x4(h)cm

Weight 2Kg

Measurements: Arterial Oxygen Saturation, Heart Rate, Breath Rate, Pulse Distention, Breath Distention.


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