Labirint Radial pentru studiu comportamental la rozatoare

Allows automated standard experiment

Different possibilities of control for opening and closing the doors (manual or automated)

Animal detection using photoelectrical beams or video tracking

Mounted on a tripod with adjustable height

Automated options uses RS232/USB communications (no PCI needed)

Producător: Panlab

Model: LE760

Cod: 1755c0a5c233

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Telefon: 0744.594.794 / 0251.417.664


The “Eight Arms Radial Maze" is extensively used in behavioural laboratories for evaluating spatial memory but also non-spatial memory associated with motivational cues (classically food).

Panlab propose 3 solutions for radial maze experiments:

Manual radial maze LE760/LE762 that can be used optionally with the SMART video tracking software

Semi-automated radial maze LE767/LE769 that can be used optionally with the SMART video tracking software

Automated radial maze with photobeams LE766/LE768

All Panlab radial mazes consist in a central area with eight sliding doors giving access to eight equally-sized arms. The maze, made of black Plexiglas, is mounted on a tripod with adjustable height high (until 1m). Each arm has lateral walls with a height higher in the proximal side of the arm than in the distal side. The arms are easily detachable by unscrewing an underneath fixing knob. In the distal extreme of each arm, a detachable recessed cup can be installed or replaced by cover (all included).

The sliding doors can be opened and closed automatically or manually:

- Automated doors operation can be controlled by the animal position throughout the test using the Mazesoft-8 software associated with photoelectrical cell mounted on the radial maze and the corresponding control unit. See the application sheet available in the Download section.

- Manual doors operation can be made remotely by the user by using the switches available on the control unit.

- Manual doors operation can be made in situ by the user by using the threads provided for opening of closing each door.

A water version of the radial maze (aquatic radial maze) is also available (see related water maze products).

Arm dimensions

705 (W) x 100 (D) mm

Arm walls

41 distal to 294 proximal (H) mm

Central area

287 (Dia.) mm, wall 294 (H) mm

Door height

90 (H) mm

Food cup

34 (Dia.) mm, 20 (Deep) mm

Position detection technique

LE766 only: IR beams in the arms, weight cell in the central island

Sliding doors operation

Manually or automatically

Material Composition

Methacrylate, aluminum, stainless steel

Power Requirement

LE66/LE767 only: 110/220 V, 50/60 Hz


CE Compliant


Cod produs


SMART video tracking BASIC package


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Analog camera


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Roof camera bracket


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Mazesoft-8 Software for LE766 and L768 radial maze models; includes 1 RS232/USB adapter.


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