Echipament de testare cu placa fierbinte

Digital set point

Built-in electronic timer

Foot switch timing operation

New optional Data Transfer software SEDACOM 2.0

Producător: Panlab

Model: LE 7406

Cod: 4260cc39a33b

Preţ, fără TVA: La cerere


Telefon: 0744.594.794 / 0251.417.664


The LE7406 Hot Plate performs rapid and precise screening of analgesic drug properties on small-laboratory animals according to the ‘hot-plate test’.

In the LE7406 Hot Plate, a thick aluminium plate (10 mm) provides a high temperature stability and even surface distribution. The plate temperature can be held at a set point between 45 and 62°C (± 0.1ºC) by multiple proportional feedback circuits that minimize overshoot. A built-in timer activated by an external foot switch allows precise measurement of reaction time (0.1 sec precision). A remote foot-switch controls the test start/stop allowing rapid hands-free experiments. The operator can read the animal reaction time from the display or from a PC computer using the SEDACOM software.

The optional SEDACOM software (new version 2.0 available) can be used and represents an easy and convenient way to visualize and export the data (Trial number, plate temperature, reaction time etc.) on a computer for further analysis.


Base Dimensions

200 (W) x 300 (D) x 110 (H) mm

Plate Dimensions

200 (D) mm

Cylinder Dimensions

200 (D) x 250 (H) mm

Operating Temperature

45 to 62 degrees Celsius; 0,1 steps

Reaction time

3 digits, 0,01 secs. increment

Material Composition

Clear methacrylate (animal holder), aluminium (plate)

Maximum number of stations

1 per computer (multiple set-ups also available under request)

Power Requirements

110V or 220V, 50/60Hz


CE Compliant


Cod produs


SeDaCom V2.0 software for data transfer to a computer


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SeDaCom accessory - RS232/USB adapter


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Thermal Printer


La cerere

Pain disorders, Hyperalgesies, Analgesics screening, Phenotyping


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