Automatic zero adjustment

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Foot-switch control

New optional Data Transfer software SEDACOM 2.0

Producător: Panlab

Model: LE7500

Cod: 945c6276b7f2

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Telefon: 0744.594.794 / 0251.417.664


The Digital Water Plethysmometer is designed to provide a highly useful tool in the measurement of small volume changes. This test is typically used to follow the evolution of the inflammatory response experimentally induced in rodents and to screen potential anti-inflammatory or anti-oedema properties of pharmacological substances.

Basically, the volume transducer is formed by two Perspex tubes interconnected and filled with a conductive solution and a platinum electrode for each chamber. All the system is supported by a stand (included) that can be placed over the control unit.

The water displacement produced by the immersion of the animal paw in the measuring tube is reflected into the second tube, inducing a change in the conductance between the two platinum electrodes. The Plethysmometer Control Unit detects the conductance changes and generates an output signal to the digital display indicating the volume displacement measured (0.01 ml resolution). The current value remains in the digital display until a new trial starts. The Control Unit is automatically zeroed between successive readings, thus making intermediate adjustments unnecessary.

A remote foot-switch allowing rapid hands-free experiments can be used to set control the end point of the measurement.

The optional SeDacom software (new version 2.0 available) can be used and represents an easy and convenient way to visualize and export the data on a computer for further analysis.

Control Unit Dimensions

280 (W) x 280 (D) x 110 (H)

Stimulation Unit Dimensions

230 (W) x 220 (D) x 300 (H)

Power Supply

220V/110V, 50/60Hz


By panel key or pedal switch


3 digits, 0,01 steps

Material Composition

Clear methacrylate (cell), satinless steel (stand), platinum (electrode)

Maximum number of stations

1 per computer (multiple set-ups also available under request)


CE Compliant

5 ml cell inner diameter

24 mm

3 ml cell inner diameter

20 mm

1 ml cell inner diameter

12 mm


Cod produs


SeDaCom V2.0 software for data transfer to a computer


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SeDaCom accessory - RS232/USB adapter


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Thermal Printer


La cerere

Anti-infl ammatory drug screening, Anti-oedema drug screening, Infl ammation, Post-operative pain

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