Roata de testare activitati pentru rozatoare

Home cage voluntary exercise registering

Preserve animal life space

Stainless steel wheel construction

For rat, mice and hamsters

Ideal for high throughput experiments

Producător: Panlab

Model: LE904

Cod: 17bff276ee04

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Telefon: 0744.594.794 / 0251.417.664


The rodent Activity Wheel represents a very simple and clever way to register animal physical activity in its home cage environment.

The use of this high throughput tool is particularly relevant for research involving circadian rhythms, phenotyping and drug testing.

Basically the animals are housed individually in the home cages equipped with the running wheel. The total number of wheel rotation made by the animal is displayed on the external LE907 individual counter or LE3806 multicounter devices.

LE3806 multicounter allows storing the data in userdefined time intervals. The data can be visualized directly from the multicounter display and/or exported to the SeDaCom PC interface (through RS 232 serial port) in a format compatible with Excel. The new SEDACOM 2.0 version (not included with ethe LE3806 multicounter) provides an easy and convenient way to visualize and export the data (R.P.M., Speed and Distance covered, etc.) on a computer for further analysis.

All the components of the wheel assembly (wheel, wheel hub and support) are made of stainless steel and are used with standard ACE (Allentown Caging Equipment) polycarbonate rodent cages provided with its wire lid. The wheel is built outside the home cage to preserve animal life space.

All non-electrical cage components are autoclavable.

Home Cage - Rat

IIIH-type home cage with raised wire lid: 26 (W) x 42 (D) x 23 (H) cm

Home Cage - Mouse

IIL-type home cage  with wire lid: 18 (W) x 35 (D) x 14 (H) cm

Activity Wheel Dimensions - Rat

Diameter 36cm; Lane Width 10.7cm; entry hole diameter: 10cm; 1.2cm bar spaced; minimum subject weight needed for rotation: 40g.

Activity Wheel Dimensions - Mouse

Diameter 16cm; Lane Width 8cm;  entry hole diameter: 6cm; 0.8cm bar spaced; minimum subject weight needed for rotation: 12g.

Complete set dimension - Rat

42 (W) x 42 (D) x 40 (H) cm

Complete set dimension - Mouse

34 (W) x 36 (D) x 19 (H) cm

Multicounter dimensions

34 (W) x 34 (D) x 11 (H) cm

Activity wheel sensor cable length

1 m




Single Wheel Counter (1 by wheel)


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Multicounter (for up to 30 wheels), RS232 serial port, (SEDACOM 2.0 software to be ordered



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SEDACOM V2.0 software for data transfer to a computer


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RS232/USB converter option for the LE3806 multicounter


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ACTIVITY - Circadian rhythms, exercise
COGNITION - Environmental enrichment
DISEASE MODELS - Huntington, Attention-defi cit
hyperactivity disorder, Addiction, Anorexia

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