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The Data Acquisition System reads signals coming from telemetry implants and any type of non-telemetry signals and record them in real-time and continously in the software

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»» Accurately synchronizes signals from different sources :

» telemetry implants:

» analog signals already amplified

» biopotential electrodes (single lead ECG, EEG, EMG), amplified by easyMATRIX3

» strain gauge transducers (differential pressure, pulmonary pressure & blood pressure transducers),

powered and amplified by the acquisition system

»» Only requires connection to existing receivers, power supply and Ethernet

»» Embedded ambient pressure transducer

»» No need for dedicated acquisition card


Data from several Data Acquisition units can be recorded by a single computer. A single Data Acquisition device can handle:

»» Up to 16 implant receivers and 8 analog inputs

»» 1, 2 or 4 receivers used for each subject

CNS Safety Pharmacology

Heart failure

Seizure & epilepsy

Toxicology studies

Traumatic Brain Injury

Sleep disorders

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