Sistem de telemetrie implantabil pentru sobolani

The implantable system transmits physiological data from conscious freely moving rats.

Physiological measurements are captured by a transmitter surgically implanted and wirelessly transmitted to a receiver within 3 to 5 meters distance.

Various models are available to meet your study needs and offer the ability to continuously record:

Biopotential (ECG, EEG, EMG)

Blood pressure (Arterial and/or Left Ventricular Pressure)

Respiratory rate


Acceleration from 3-axis accelerometer (activity)

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Choosing implanted telemetry means opting for a reliable system, easy to implement and to manage:

Perform studies with single or group-housed rats

Configure and manage the implants remotely via software: no more magnet for implant on/off

Collect and combine synchronized signals from implants and any other source (analog signal, biopotential electrodes, strain gauge transducers – Learn more). This is particularly useful for cardio or neurorespiratory applications (see various applications in the section below)

Our single-use (non-refurbished) implants means no reconditioning, no shipping costs and delays. Implants can be re-implanted as long as battery lasts

Software acquisition & analysis

The system runs with the powerfull software for signal acquisition and real time analysis. In-depth ECG and EEG analysis is performed by the analysis software.

easyTEL  Biopotential Pressure  Temperature  Activity Battery life*
(days)  Volume 

CNS Safety Pharmacology

Heart failure

Seizure & epilepsy

Toxicology studies

Traumatic Brain Injury

Sleep disorders

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