Sistem USB pentru achizitie date si amplificare

The device is designed to acquire any amplified analog signals. The device is designed to acquire and amplify biopotential signals and signals from strain gauge transducers (isometric transducers for tissue contraction studies, blood pressure transducers, differential air pressure transducers

Producător: Europa

Cod: 745223860e1d

Preţ, fără TVA: La cerere


Telefon: 0744.594.794 / 0251.417.664



Plug-&-play data acquisition solution, designed for direct USB link to computer running acquisition software:

»» Ideal for medium size setups & for systems needing to be moved

»» Adapted to swap between several computers (incl. laptops)

»» Well suited for a large variety of preclinical experiments

»» Up to 8 devices can be linked together to the same computer

It is available in 2 models:

Model 1 includes:

»» 1 multi-lead ECG amplifier: L1, L2, L3, aVF, aVL, aVR

»» 1 amplifier for strain gauge transducer signal

Model 2 includes amplifiers for any combination of biopotential

or strain gauge transducer signals, for ex:

»» 4 blood pressure or 4 force or 1 BP

»» 2 single-lead ECG + 1 pulmonary pressure

TTL bus

8 digital outputs (I/O), to drive external devices

Timer Output TTL

signal to trigger stimulator: 0,1 to 1KHz


From 8 to 200 depending on transducer model

Sampling frequency

Up to 2 KHz

Bus protocol

USB 2.0


Microsoft® Windows® XP, 7 or 10

CNS Safety Pharmacology

Heart failure

Seizure & epilepsy

Toxicology studies

Traumatic Brain Injury

Sleep disorders

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